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    Core Curriculum

    ★ Core Principles of Pranayama, Prana & Breathwork

    Study, learn and practice the foundational elements of Pranayama, Prana & Breathwork including all necessary Anatomy and Physiology. Learn their similarities and differences and how they are applied to everyday life both from a historical point of view and a modern, applicable perspective.

    ★ Teaching Methodology and Practice

    Cultivate your teaching skills by learning how to teach the foundational concepts in a simple, clear fashion within your genre. Sharpen your teaching skills by regularly live streaming your message within our platform.

    ★ Business and Ethics of Breathwork Teaching

    Learn how to interweave the teachings into your already existing business or apply them to a new business and how to excel within your interpretation of success.

    ★ Community and Continuing Education

    Learn how to engage within our growing community as a teacher presenting your workshops & live streaming to a student ready to learn more or a aspirant looking for a intelligent, fun, exciting environment to play in.
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    Teacher Training: January 7 - June 24, 2025

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    We offer 15 min Zoom appointments to answer any of your questions. We are looking forward to meeting you.
    If you are having any difficulties you may email us at: team@pranayama.com