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    Dennis Dean
    Sharing Timeless Teachings

    With Dennis you’ll be fully supported in your growth and development. You’ll be given practical tools, insights, and resources for enhanced well-being in today’s fast-paced world.

    Weekly Live Stream & Monthly Live Events

    From weekly meditation-breath classes to immersive workshops and fireside chats, every event is a gateway to deeper understanding and connection. By fostering conscious dialogue, where shared experiences and collective wisdom become the cornerstones of individual and collective transformation, magic is sure to follow.

    Connection + Community

    At the core of our life's work is our community. We are "in" the community more than we are anywhere else. It's where our true passion is, connecting with people and connecting people together. Many within the tribe has this innate passion to share with others.

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    Pranayama One is a conscious community of like-minded seekers who are passionate about living a life of connection and impact. We are extending the invitation to journey with us using breath wisdom and teachings as a collective exploration. We’re dedicated to marrying experiential learning with educational insights, transforming breath into a potent tool for extraordinary living.

    Through our PY One Rituals, members are invited into 20-minute live sessions, led by Dennis Dean de Cardiff, and guest mentor teachers. Community connection is the heartbeat and cornerstone of our community. Pranayama One extends a warm invitation to all, regardless of where you stand in your breathwork journey. With us, every inhale and exhale is a step towards amplified well-being, profound insights, and a united, supportive community.

    Yes, everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a new or experienced pranayama or breathwork practitioner, our classes will benefit you. If you have any existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor before practicing.

    The benefits of breathwork weave through every part of our lives. The mental, emotional,

    and physical results happen in a matter of minutes but the life-giving value of a breathwork practice happens through consistency.

    Benefits of Breathing

    •  Increased energy
    •  Better sleep
    •  Reduced stress and anxiety
    •  Pain management
    •  Improved focus
    •  Enhanced creativity
    •  Improved athletic performance
    •  Balancing the nervous system
    •  Stronger immune system
    •  Trauma integration

    We recommend having a meditation cushion, yoga mat, bolster, and strap, if possible. They are not mandatory but they definitely add value to the experience of feeling supported in your practice.

    • Practice in a safe environment (seated or lying down).
    • Avoid practicing while operating a moving vehicle.
    • If you are pregnant, refrain from doing breath holds. Instead, modify by finding a natural rhythm of breath while others are holding.
    • If you have any existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor before practicing.

    Pranayama One Membership

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