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    Integrative Breath

    It’s the last day of your Chaos to Calm Challenge journey, how do you feel?

    You may feel as though you’ve taken this journey alone, but the truth is, you’re journeying with others who honor and utilize the breath as their vehicle of transformation.

    Our interconnectedness is a matrix of living consciousness, wisdom, and intelligence ( aka prana, life force) that keeps evolving through people like you. Thank you for choosing to own your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

    On this day, it’s all about integration. You’re encouraged to practice, embody, and reflect on the harmonious blend of the insights, energies, and tranquility discovered throughout the week.

    If you so choose, listen to this guided breath practice.

    Breathing Technique - Integrative Breath:
    Combine the elements of calm, energy, and compassion in each breath. Inhale calm, exhale releasing stress; inhale energy, exhale sharing vitality; inhale compassion, exhale extending love.

    Calming Tip: Step into the world with a breath enriched by a week of exploration. You’re now equipped with a diverse tapestry of breathing practices, each a tool, a sanctuary, a gift - ready to enrich every moment of your existence.