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    Compassionate Breath

    Your Chaos to Calm Challenge takes a tender turn, guiding you into the realm of the heart. Today, your breath becomes a vessel of compassion, a bridge connecting your heart to the hearts of others.

    In modern society, isolation is contributing to a lack of well-being regardless of age, gender, race, or color, yet there is something that we can do about this that can bring us back to wholeness.

    What to take a guess as to what that is?
    Yes, you guessed it…it’s the breath!

    You have an opportunity to heal yourselves and others when you sincerely marry your heart with the breath. In this audio, you’ll be guided through this Heartful Breath practice or you can choose to do it on your own with the instructions below.

    Breathing Technique - Heartful Breath:
    Inhale deeply, imagining your heart space filling with warm, golden light. Exhale, envisioning this light extending outwards, carrying your compassion to the world.

    Calming Tip: With a heart brimming with kindness, step forward into a world where every interaction is touched by the gentle grace of compassion. Your breath, a silent whisper of unity and love.