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    Energizing Breath

    Congratulations, you’re on Day 5 of your Chaos to Calm Challenge!

    If you noticed the subject line that says you’ll be learning an energizing breath technique and wondering how this will shift your inner state to calm, read on.

    What yogis have known for years is that everything is energy and knowing how to control the energy inside of us to find the states we need at the moment, is the secret.

    In today’s world, most people are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout which means they need to boost their energy to come back into homeostasis. This means the body and mind are synced and coherent (aka optimally functioning).

    The Energizing Breath, therefore is a great way to clear your mind and center your energy. The breath becomes a source of renewal and realignment with what’s most important…your well-being.

    Here’s the audio to amplify your energy and deepen the practice.

    Breathing Technique - Energy Boost Breath: Breathe in quickly and deeply through the nose, filling your lungs entirely, and exhale with a swift, intentional release. Feel the invigorating rush of energy with each breath cycle.

    Calming Tip:

    Carry the benefits of today’s practice into every endeavor and don’t keep it a secret, share it with others. Let this energized breath be your ally, turning ordinary moments into sparks of brilliance and vitality.