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    Breath of Calm

    It’s Day 4 of Chaos to Calm an invitation is to go deeper, still… into the tranquil realms within, where every inhalation is a step into peace, and every exhalation, is a release of chaos.

    Breath wisdom teachings are vast and seen as gateways to living a conscious lifestyle that breeds oneness, equanimity, well-being, and connection. When you’re able to access these on-demand, life slows down and it’s easier to manage life.

    Take this next breath practice, Breath of Calm, as a way to calm you at any time. Share it with others you know who need to let go of stress and burnout. Intentional release of the stress through the exhale is a signal, much like a green light that allows you to move into the next moment with ease.

    Here is the audio breath practice if you prefer to be guided.

    Breathing Technique - Calming Breath:

    Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, hold for a moment, and exhale gradually through your mouth. Visualize calm energy flowing in, and stress dissipating with each exhale.

    Calming Tip: Embrace the serene energy cultivated today. As challenges arise, remember this sanctuary of calm is just a breath away, a silent retreat into peace amidst life’s storms.