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    Space Between the Breaths

    It’s Day 3 of Chaos to Calm inviting you to go deeper.

    Today it’s about exploring the profound silences and spaces between the breaths. Here, in these pauses, we encounter the mystical echoes of inner wisdom, the silent narratives of the soul unveiled in the delicate dance of inhalations and exhalations.

    If you’re new to breathwork, it might take some time before you can tap in and discern the empty space, the silent wisdom, but try it and see where it takes you.

    Like the previous days, try listening to this audio track to drop in and stay connected more easily.

    Breathing Technique- The Silent Breath:

    Inhale for a count of four and hold, immersing yourself in the silent space before exhaling slowly to the count of six. In this pause, observe the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of expansion that come from activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

    Calming Tip:

    With insights gleaned from the silent spaces between breaths, step into your day with a soul attuned to the profound wisdom within. Each pause, each silent moment, is a gateway to deeper self-awareness and inner tranquility.