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    Body Scan

    It’s Day 2 of Chaos to Calm, and it’s time to transition from the landscapes of breath awareness to the intimate dance between breath and body with the breathing practice of Breath and Body Harmony. Today is an invitation to explore the harmonious symphony of breathing as it soothes and enlivens every part of our physical being.

    Before practicing, it’s worth mentioning that your mind and body are in constant communication and your breath is the bridge between the two. Therefore, it’s the quickest way to sync up and feel empowered regardless of what the external world experiences you’re having.

    Here is an audio track to bolster your experience. Try breathing for 3- 5 minutes, then sit in silence and notice if you’re able to access the serenity you’re seeking.

    Breathing Technique- Breath and Body Harmony: Inhale deeply, visualizing your breath as a wave of light traveling through your body from head to toe.

    Let’s have you try it now and you can do so standing, if possible, to let the breath rhythm flow within. Imagine the breath coming in from the top of your head, accompanied by the sensation of light and expansion-breathe a few cycles.

    Focus on your breath connecting to each area of your body, and with every exhale, imagine any tension or discomfort being released. Once you’re connected, allow your body to move into the rhythm that wants to be expressed as harmony.

    Calming Tip:

    With a body attuned to the gentle whispers of the breath, embrace a day filled with heightened awareness and physical harmony. Every breath is an echo of the body’s silent song of vitality and presence.