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    Breath Awareness

    Welcome to the first day of Chaos to Calm, a 7-day exploration of the breath designed to help you discover a relationship with your breath so you can tap into a state of calm, coherence, and clarity anytime, anywhere.

    In case you didn’t know, AWARENESS is key and the first place to start when you want to rekindle the innate, yet often overlooked, connection with your breath. As life’s complexities take hold, breath patterns develop that don’t support your well-being so it’s important to rewire and re-establish breathing patterns that are life-giving and result in higher outcomes.

    Day 1 of your Challenge is to practice a simple foundational breath practice called Present Moment Breathing. Feel free to click this audio track to support your experience of calming your monkey mind.

    Breathing Technique- Present Moment Breathing: Take a comfortable seat or lie down. Begin to focus solely on your breath, observing its natural pace, depth, and rhythm. Feel the air filling your lungs and the gentle release as you exhale. No need to change anything, just observe and be present with every breath.

    Calming Tip: As you move through your day, carry this renewed sense of breath awareness with you. Allow the simple act of being present with your breath to instill moments of calm, focus, and tranquility amidst the incoherent rhythms of life.