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    The Overarching Teachings of Breathwork
    March 2 - 23, 2024

    Intelligently Crafted for Everyone

    Whether you're an athlete seeking a competitive edge, a parent wanting yourself and your family to thrive, or a coach or therapist guiding clients to reach their potential, this Breathwork Intensive will help you do just that, and more.


    Week 1: Theory & Principles Of Breathing

    Theory, Anatomy, Physiology of Breathing
    Breathing Chemistry: O2, CO2, NO
    Techniques & Practice
    Q/A, Reflections

    Week 2: Mechanics Of Breathing

    Key Breathing Functions & Principles
    Breathing Schools of Thought & Methods
    Techniques & Practice (Patterns of breath, breath holds, nasal vs mouth, etc)
    Q/A, Reflections

    Week 3: Nervous System & The Breath

    Polyvagal Theory
    Emotional and Physical Responses to Breathing
    Techniques & Practice
    Q/A, Reflections

    Week 4: Personal Breathing Assessment

    Understanding Your Breathing Patterns
    Improved Bodywork Mechanics
    Developing & Sustaining Your Own Breathing Protocol
    Q/A, Reflections

    Awaken to the Richness and Wonder of your own Breathing Taking Wisdom


    Yes. The intensive is designed to cater to individuals at all levels. We start with foundational concepts and gradually delve into more advanced techniques, ensuring everyone can follow along and benefit.

    Our intensive combines both theoretical knowledge and practical sessions. You'll not only understand the principles behind each technique but also get a chance to practice them under expert guidance and fellow students.

    While breathwork is generally safe, certain practices can be intense. It's essential to listen to your body and go at your own pace. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting. Let us know if you have any questions.

    We will meet for 3 hours every Saturday for 4 weeks. It’s suggested to dedicate about 15 minutes a day between sessions, personal practice, and reflections.

    Yes, all sessions will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can catch up in your own time.

    Along with the sessions, you'll receive additional resources and guided audio practices to deepen your understanding and practice.