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    Update on Yoga Mandiram.

    Hope everyone is having a great summer, Rosie and I most certainly are :)

    It's becoming challenging for me to justify keeping the classes going on at the Yoga Mandiram  but I truly love to teach and we have such a wonderful community.

    Rosie and I spend a minimum of an hour and a half preparing for the class and as you know the classes are an hour and 45 minutes long and then we spend another hour putting everything back together after the class. This does not include all the administrative aspects that we take care of for every class.

    That is a lot of time out of our golden years only to have few, if any attend.
    Though with that being said, it has never been about the numbers and more about the quality of the individuals attending but bills do need to be paid.. Out of 45-50 people I text only a few return the text at all.

    This is what I will need to see happen for me to continue.

    Rosie is in Italy with Jutta and their friends so the next class is on Sunday July 14, 2024 when she returns.

    If you wish to attend, payment must be received by  that Friday before 5pm.
    If there's not enough people interested in taking the class I will return any payments at 5pm friday. This is so I can be respectful of the people that pay in advance and give them time to reschedule their weekend.

    I have a large thriving private client base as well as private groups which seems to keep growing and I will continue to work with them of course and you can always join me at

    Sign up and pay link:

    Much Love, Dennis